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MOTORRADBATTERIEN / Varta / Varta Powersports Freshpack

Powersports Freshpack

Our top-selling Powersports product is a powerful, long-lasting battery that’s simple and cost-effective to install. You’ll get reliable starting power from the very first rev, time after time. And when you put the battery through its paces in the most demanding of conditions, it consistently delivers exceptional power. Plus, with 41 models covering every kind of powersport, there’s sure to be a Powersports Freshpack that’s made for the job.

Key benefits

    Dry-charged battery delivered in Freshpack version (with acid bottle)
    Reliable starting power in hot and cold weather
    Robust construction to withstand vibration whether you’re powering along rough trails, across snow or over

       the waves
Fulfils JIS standard norm
    Spill and leak-proof (for upright fitting only)

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